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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Taming the Giraffe or a wheel good idea

Since last blog The giraffe has grown part of the upper leg in addition to more body contours.

This giraffe sculpture is quite large so it's been a challenge to constantly reposition him for welding and just eyeballing to make sure the proportions look correct. The table he was resting on kept getting in the way and it was a real pain in the neck shuffling him around in a very small area.

So .. I installed casters on the bottoms of the upper leg skeleton. This way I don't need a table to set him on. He stands on his own while I weld away at his upper body. And repositioning is fairly simple. His head almost hits the ceiling of the garage but I have enough room to work. But don't be deceived by the attached pictures. He will stand about 5 feet taller than what he's currently at. Giraffes have pretty long legs too.

This is without a doubt the funnest project I've ever taken on. Just a tremendous source of satisfaction and a challenge.

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