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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Giraffe body

The Giraffe body has been roughed in pretty good and I'm pretty happy with the contours and structure. I originally tried to make a wire frame as I go but the wire I have isn't worth a darn so I used steel strips instead. Works much better for me and it's easy to snip and redo if it doesn't look right.

Tonight I just sat and looked at the project trying to visualize how the legs will fit in and look. I must make the legs removable and sturdy and that's the big challenge on my mind lately. I'm getting close to a final design but still not certain.

Another idea I had tonight was regarding the problem of how tall the giraffe already is and how in the heck will I be able to work on the legs. My garage is a standard size height so I felt like I had very few options .... and then a big light bulb came on. I have one of those drop down staircases in my garage and it just happens to be close to my work area. I'll simply pull down the stairs and then position the giraffe underneath the hole and put it on a platform so I can fit the leg parts to him. His neck and head will be in the attic while I work on the legs. I think that might work !

The welding is coming along very nice and every day I do it the welds get better. I absolutely love the new mig. This week I upgraded to a bigger co2/argon bottle because it's getting so much use.

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