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Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Proportional

This weekend I decided to redo the upper and lower arms, the wrists and the shoulders. The more I looked at the battle droid the more I disliked how it was turning out. It didn't look as proportionate as it should. The plasma cutter was a life saver as that allowed me to trim and cut with little effort. About 2 inches was removed from the wrists as well as several from the lower arm and upper shoulders. The wrists were also rounded and made to look more natural.

The backpack was also finished and mounted to the back. Still need to make some details for the backpack as well as the antenna. I made it removable so I can get into the chest area in case I mount any electronics or ??? in the future.

I got some smaller sized electrodes for the arc welder and it is working out very well. Getting very good with that tool.

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