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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spy vs. Spy

Got a ton of work done on the battle droid today. The head was too long and without the eyes, this battle droid sure reminded me of the old Mad Magazine cartoon "Spy Vs. Spy". The robot snout needed some trimming and a middle trim piece of metal also had to be added. Also added "ears" and semi finished the back of the droid head as well.

A set of basic upper legs and lower legs was created earlier in the week and today I've been working on a way to attach they so they can be adjustable. They're close.

After the body's all together, the detail pieces and a backpack will be attached. It's like building a puzzle. I never have a plan and usually just jump from idea to idea which works well for me. Occasionally that bites me but it all works out in the end.

Oh and I forgot to mention a great tool that I got last week. A 55 pound anvil. It sure came in handy today.

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