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Friday, December 18, 2009

Tools tools tools

Now that it looks like there will be more than a couple metal sculpture projects, I've decided to invest in some tools to assist in that goal. The first item was a metal forming rawhide sandbag with metal working tools that was recommended to me by Brad. I've used it a few times already and it looks like a handy tool for forming interesting curves in steel.

The next tool I recently brought home came in a large wooden crate and was loaded into my truck by a forklift. It was so heavy I had to use my truck crane to get it out of the crate and positioned on my workbench. I just hope I never have to move it. As shop space is at a premium, I had to move my semi useless band saw to another shelf. Oh I guess I should mention what type of tool this is. It's a heavy duty 30" Metal Brake / Shear / roller. And it works pretty good for up to 20 gauge sheet metal. The brake makes nice angles ..... so much better than that other cheap @%#@#% that I had. Having the right tools makes such a difference.

The next item on my tool wish list is a plasma cutter. The benefits of a plasma cutter are numerous for what I do. One of the things I'm very sensitive to is the noise levels in my shop and how they relate to the neighbors. Lately I try to do noisy operations during the afternoon and try to limit them. Cutting metal is a very noisy operation using saws. Plasma cutters are pretty silent other than the noise of the compressor.

The dilemma I have is which unit to purchase. I prefer buying an American made cutter but not sure where this purchase will go as they are expensive.

Any suggestions ?????

Oh and another new tool (or should I say very old tool) is one that was given to me by a friend. He said it's been in his attic for years. It's an old budget stick welder that's so old it says "made in Italy". Even googling the Jet 140 doesn't show anything so it's old. When I get 220 wired in my welding area I'll start experimenting with it.

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