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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Plasma cutter

After (too) many hours of research, I finally purchased a Hypertherm Powermax 30 plasma cutter. A good quality tool that's made in America with excellent technology. I was surprised you can drag the tip along the surface you're cutting with no problems. Looks like it will work well and as Jay Leno says, "You'll have enough stuff from China soon enough" so try to support American companies while you still can.


Gary said...

It sounds like you are eqipped to handle about any kind of metalworking project that you can dream up. I've always strived to have a well equipped shop, but never had the finances for some of the pricier bits (my millermatic 210 being the exception).The driving force behind my shop has always been automobiles and roadracing in particular. It looks like your about setup to jump into the restoration of a classic Mustang or Camaro now....
If you can get proficient with that old "buzz box" welder you'll be able to weld with anything! After years of struggling with one to weld bodywork and exhaust systems, the switch to a DC stick welder, and then mig was a snap.
I hope you have an enjoyable Christmas. Its a time to enjoy family, and remember those that we dont get to share it with any longer.


Jim Quinlan said...

Gary long time ago I was into restoring cars but didn't know how to weld at the time so I had to pay for all that work. My boys and I (they were only about 8-9 years old) restored a red 65 mustang pony convertible from a pile of scrap. It was a project that never should have happened. Cost me much more than what I ultimately sold it for. But it was fun. When I first brought it home and backed it into our driveway on the car trailer my wife came out of the house laughing saying that it was one of the best jokes I played on her. When I told her I wasn't joking and really was going to restore it, she looked at me like I had lost my mind and then walked away shaking her head. After many years, we had it looking like brand new. The boys and I took a few one on one trips in it but the wife refused to ride in it because the exhaust rumble was too loud for her!

But yes, your last sentence rings true. Memories are strong during the holidays of those we no longer are with. We really miss our son Paul.

Hope you and your family also have a nice Christmas Gary.