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Monday, November 2, 2009

Star Wars in Concert - St. Pete Times Forum

Words cannot describe how fun the Star Wars in Concert event was. Hanging out with the 501st and Rebel Legion was the highlight of the trip. We met some very nice people and had a ball. Out of all the places R2 has been, this was definitely the most crowded. After the doors opened, it was so crowded that you could not move at all. When it was time to leave, we all lined up against the wall and were led out by an officer of the 501st in a loud commanding voice announcing "Make way for Lord Vader". That parted the crowd pretty good although several members were cut off and separated from the group by people asking for pictures.

After the event was over we were told we could stay around for about a half hour so Yvonne and I brought R2 back up to the display area. At first we couldn't get through and then a supervisor at the Forum told us he'd get us there. He cleared a path to the exhibit and we found a little corner to put R2 as he was surrounded by picture takers. As the crowd closed in, you couldn't even move. People started smashing up against me with my controller and I worried about someone triggering R2 to move into someone. That's when I started doubting our decision to return. Luckily I eventually found a safe place to stand where I could watch R2 and keep the controller from being bumped.

A great time and we met some super people.


Gary Cook said...

Sounds like you had an exciting evening. I've been asked to do this event in KCMO and I'm looking forward to it myself. I am curious what you did with R2 during the show. I dont want to leave mine unattended, I figured I'd be standing with him near one of the auditorium entrances unless they can lock him up somewhere. You know, when I built mine, I pictured R2 sitting in the corner of my living room, but the response is so incredible when I take him out, I think I enjoy "trooping" with him more than anything. Now... just have to find a better way of hauling him around. My coworker is getting tired of loaning me her SUV :)


Jim Quinlan said...

Gary, the venue will probably provide a secure changing area for the 501st / RL and in our case it was a good size room away from the main convention arena. I drove R2 in and the only security I did was to take the transmitter in with us to the concert.

I definitely recommend you go and bring your droid. R2 lives for moments like these. Scout out a good "picture taking" spot for R2 to stand BEFORE the floodgates open up and the fans pour in.

And finally, don't forget to send me some pictures of the event !!!