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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Helping out a fellow builder

We had a last minute opportunity to bring R2 to a walkathon that benefits a Hydrocephalus support group. The woman who started the group has a son with hydrocephalus and he just so happens to have a passion for building robots. Check out the following link to see a room full of robots he built. Well after seeing that, how could I not show up with R2 and talk robots with the little guy. And was he sweet. He spent the better part of the day next to R2 and helped keep R2 safe from people who tried to touch him. It was a joy to be there. And the members of the 501st and Rebel legion who attended were outstanding in the way they interacted with the crowd. Words do not describe the fun we all had. I'll have to post some video when I get a chance. Mike who was the imperial officer stood by with all the kids and kept R2 in line. Listening to him and R2 go back and forth was priceless. The kids loved it. Thanks to Lori and the rest of the group. It was a great time.

When it came time for the walkathon, R2 accompanied Jeremy in the front of the group.

This is the pre-event video of Jeremy filmed by Fox news. The anchorman and his family were also at the event on Saturday.
Click here to see the Fox Video

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