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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Post Halloween 2009

R2 is currently sitting in the garage on the charger after a long night of trick er treating. R2 drove a good mile and ran for over 4 hours continuous. I was pleasantly surprised this new battery I recently purchased for the Spektrum transmitter held out so long. It still had juice after 4 hours.

Some of the terrain was a challenge. The reflector discs in the road stuck out and once R2 hit one and was really jarred. A few cobblestone areas and speed bumps were obstacles R2 had to be watchful of. I had to run R2 in the street because the sidewalks were too confining with the amount of people out. There were some big Halloween block parties around here and every year it gets more and more popular. Running him in the street was a little challenging when the mobs surrounded R2 and cars were trying to get by. But the cars were driving slowly and it never was a big problem.

My nephew Joey was a Jawa but the temperatures in Florida have been hotter than normal lately and after about 20 minutes, his hood and gloves came off. He looked more like a monk than a jawa but I don't blame him. It was really hot last night. I noticed a lot of kids had their masks off. Joey was a good sport and waited up for R2 when the mobs surrounded him (which was every couple minutes). The reactions were incredible when people realized R2D2 was tooling down the road in their neighborhood. I answered the same questions about a million times. Where did you get him "I built him" How much was he "I can't let that be public knowledge because if my wife finds out I'm in big trouble". How long did it take to build him .......

The kids were all pretty good. One little guy was completely engrossed with R2 and I detected a future builder with him. The force was strong with that one. His mom told me he wanted to be R2 but they couldn't come up with a costume so he was spiderman instead.

R2 performed flawlessly although having the rear door installed now made it harder to communicate to the CF3 sound system and transmitter. It's harder to get a signal through the aluminum so we may need to tweak the antenna configuration again.

Oh and I almost forgot the funniest part of last night. A little guy dressed as Darth Vader was afraid of R2 and it took his parents a few minutes to coax him over to take a picture.

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