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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spitz Lift

I got the new Spitz lift yesterday and have to say I'm impressed with the quality of this lifting crane. It's the old saying ... you get what you pay for. Unfortunately the crane was about 3-4 inches too short for this massive escape pod. I can get the pod into my truck but that means a little bit of tilting of the box which I'd rather not do. So I contacted the manufacturer and after conferring with their engineer, they are sending me a slightly extended (extra 6") main shaft of the lift. This will be perfect but I'll have to wait while they have it custom manufactured and powder coated. I'm in no hurry so no big deal.

Spitz Lift is one of those great American companies that takes care of it's customers. I'm glad I bought it and to me it's worth the extra money. Oh and I was also impressed with how quickly I can deploy and take down the lift. Which means if we're being chased by storm troopers or bounty hunters, a quick getaway is always something you have to consider.


Marc B. said...

Nice work Jim. If this one works out. Perhaps a special code for the R2 Builders Spitz Lift is in the near future?

Jim Quinlan said...

Thanks Marc,
I'm looking forward to giving them a publicity shot of R2 dangling from their lift once I modify my aluminum frame to be reinforced with extra aluminum and a removable hook in the crossbar at the top.