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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Minor details .. and BOMS AWAY !

I have approximately 2 million minor details to attend to before MegaCon and that's just what I've been doing. Nothing that blogworthy so I haven't been posting much and probably won't until MegaCon.

Today I finished the Escape Pod and I'm ready to take my droid a travelin. I should get the spitz lift Tuesday and then I can try it out. Yvonne came up with the idea to latch the ramp from the inside so I don't have hardware on the outside of the ramp to keep a slim profile (so it can get in a standard doorway). I also built some heavy duty handles on the sides so if something happens to the crane, a couple guys could probably lift the droid in the pod into a truck.

I have trouble staying focused lately but today I kept busy working on the dome. I used some superb all metal polish and sealer called BOMS AWAY ! It was recommended to me by Darren who I bought my dome from. This stuff is amazing. My dome is starting to look pretty spiffy.

Other projects I wanted to have complete by MegaCon will not happen. I was going to motorize the B9 torso and Robby's head using a computer module so they would appear to be looking around. It would have been really cool but I just didn't have the time and I'm not going to stress about it.

Well off to do some more polishing BOMS AWAY !!!!!!


Calvin Thomas said...

Hey Jim,
I just wanted to say, CONGRADS ON THE R2 BOX!!!!!
You would'nt think it would be a difficult item to build, But IT IS.
We are working on ours and it has really been a task.

On you dome, Are you going the high shine?

Jim Quinlan said...

Thanks Calvin. No, I'm going with just a mild shine. It started out just cleaning up some scratches and dirt and now it looks a little shinier than I planned but nice.

Got my crane today (spitz lift) and it was a little too small so I'm getting it modified to be 4" taller. That should do it.