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Friday, February 13, 2009

Bluer than blue

The paint job on the blue panels of the dome just didn't cut the mustard. So I took the time to tape off the mounted top panels and applied some fresh paint to them all. It took care of a few scratches and other blemishes.

I also made a little top nipple out of a Phillips head bolt by filling in the place you stick the screw driver (not sure what you call that) with liquid nails and then I filled it with several coats of glazing putty. Surprisingly it came out nice. Then I painted a washer and used that in place of the part that came with the dome as they were the same size. Looks outstanding if I have to say so myself.

Now I need to summon the courage to install robart hinges on the dome panels. That's something I keep putting off and will probably install after Megacon. I need to talk to the other builders and get some more hints before I try that.

So now my dome top panels look a nice deeper shade of blue than what they were. I'll probably have to work some other ones in the future but looks great for now.

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