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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lifting the droid into my pickup solved

As my lift design wasn't sound and downright dangerous, I decided to look into what commercial options were available. And there were many different solutions and most had drawbacks. However, there was one design very similar to what I did but much more efficient. It's a hitch mounted boom crane that will lift up to 700 pounds. Just right for my needs. And this one has an arm so you can swing it into the middle of the bed. Much more efficient. The only downside is it's not cheap. I was considering buying a trailer but the expense of storage for the trailer, upkeep, license plates, tires etc. I was able to justify this purchase and even convinced the wife. Plus I can see other benefits of having a crane to lift heavy items into the truck. For more information about this lift kit, see


Calvin Thomas said...

Jim, Don't you think you could build it yourself?
I could'nt find the price, How much are they?

Fordfun said...

Jim, I'm glad you found a solution. Now maybe you will have time to post more often. Your one of my nightly stops on the R2 blog circuit.

Fordfun said...

Calvin, you need to quit looking at other peoples blog's and get back to posting on yours!


Jim Quinlan said...

Calvin, I tried building it myself and spent a lot of time and unfortunately wasted money on that project. So I justify the expense by thinking that at least I tried doing it myself. I love the new design of the spitzlift and think I'll be able to move my droid about more having a sound system like that in place.

FordFun is right Calvin. You need to get back to work on your droid ! After talking with you the other day I understand home improvement projects are taking most of your time. But life marches on so the poor little droid can wait : )

These lifts are around 520-550 (sale price) and the mounting pieces are all different depending which one you get. Yes, expensive but I got some extra $$ this week so I was fortunate enough to buy it. I also was able to convince them to throw in a carrying case for it ($60.00 value) for free.

This spitzlift is so sweet that I may occasionally lift the droid in by his shoulders for quick jaunts around town without the escape pod.

Calvin Thomas said...

Yeah I know, But I've been so busy I just have'nt had time :o(
We'll be doing some droid work this weekend, But mainly trying to get Brenda's on it's feet.

I think the only thing that was wrong with your setup was the tubing walls were too thin and it failed. The ones they are selling are nice, But it's basically the same thing just stronger tubing.
They are nice though, I'd like to have one on my big truck, Sure would make lifting easier.