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Friday, September 19, 2008

Front foot and JEDI electronics

The front 'Daniel D' foot has been my focus the last week. It's one of those things that I took a lot of time examining and thinking about to attach it to the ankle and to attach a caster inside. It's a solid one piece fiberglass foot so attaching it to an ankle is not easy as you can't get to the area to drill holes easily. So I cut that top area out and replaced it with angled aluminum channel. Drilling holes was a little tricky and of course I was a little off but finally made it fit.

Since this foot is an inch all around bigger than standard R2 feet, I ordered a 4" caster from Caster City. But I got the super massive heavy duty caster by mistake. It's very thick and could probably support a ton. It's heavy but I'm going to try it in my R2. I'm sure nobody has anything like this in their R2 so it will be a first. And the weight will draw the center of gravity lower on my R2 which I think is a good thing.

On the electronics front, I got Scott G's JEDI electronics this week. I took the whole thing to work so during lunch hour I was able to read the directions and hook the whole thing up to a power converter I also brought with me. And ..... they work beautifully. The PSI's still need to be connected but the logics all blinked and worked like a champ. Now I can't wait to mount these in my dome because this will make my little droid come alive.

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