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Friday, September 12, 2008

Final finishing of the motor mounts and feet

I take my time when designing things and trying new ideas. Because the ideas usually are constantly changing as the design starts coming together. Just like these motor mounts. I keep tweaking them but now I'm satisfied with the design and feel they are complete. Excess metal was trimmed, and the parts were sanded so they looked nice. Also a couple extra holes were drilled in the angle iron that holds the motor where it attaches to the motor mount. I had the room and although I probably don't need 4 bolts, why not. There's a lot of stress in this area so stronger is better.

Since I was making a mess in the garage with aluminum shavings everywhere, I decided to finish cutting the fiberglass feet battery box areas and the hole in the top that goes over the ankle. One was already started but now they're both ready to go. I still have to make some little brackets to keep the feet covers from moving around but that's trivial. The feet themselves don't support anything and have no practical value other than to cover the motor and wheel. I also did a little work on the front foot and ordered some 4" casters (because my feet are oversized) from I'm still not sure if I'll use 1 or 2 casters in the front.

I took a day off work as I needed some garage therapy and a day to work on the robots. And it's been a great day so far with a lot accomplished.

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