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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dome electronics installed

Today I fabricated mounts for the PSI's and came up with a good way to lock down the front logics with the JEDI LED's installed. For the PSI's, I dug through the trash and found a kitty litter container that I used for the PSI diffused lens. I screwed those into the inside of the dome using two pieces of the kitty litter plastic on top of each other (better diffusion) and came up with some good methods to mount the PSI LED's using various scrap I had in my workshop.

Today was one of those days where everything worked perfect first time. All the dome lights are working and have made R2 come alive. I still can't stop raving about the beautiful Electronics in the JEDI displays.

So now I have a little time to watch some football and take a break from R2.

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