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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

That darned dome

Well, not really ... I just liked the sound of "That darned Dome" like the old 70's movie about a cat.

Everytime I remove the dome and put it back on the frame, it's been a bit of a hassel so I finally decided to get around to coming up with a reasonable method to install the dome quickly. The solution was very simple and almost not worth writing in this blog. I used my countersinking drill bit to countersink the plastic ring. Kind of gives it that funnel look so the bolts just slide right into the ring. I also marked the areas with black marker so when peeking under the dome I would have a good idea where to start.

I also used the countersink bit on the dome plate.

In other R2 news, I adjusted the radar eye a little more and installed a lens. Makes a world of difference. Its really starting to look like a droid. Oh and I dusted off my old CF-II sound system that at one time was used with my B9. I put some R2 sounds on it and now my droid is communicating. Very exciting stuff for a geek ya know.

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