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Friday, July 4, 2008

In memory of our Paul

Today will be a day in memory of our dear son Paul who passed away one year ago today. Our hearts are still very heavy and we miss him every day ... more than words can ever describe. I especially miss his funny jokes about my robots as the collection expanded. His humor was unique and it always kept mom and dad laughing.

Love ya Paul !


Paul said...

So sorry to hear about your loss.

Mike D. said...

I admire the strength you've shown this past year coping with your loss. Our prayers are with you.

Jim Quinlan said...

Thanks for the thoughts guys.

Jawa Lunk said...

I am very sorry about your loss.

There are no words...but prayers and time, and the fact that one day you may see him again!

Jim Quinlan said...

Thanks Jawa ! You're right, we are looking forward to seeing him again and often receive signs from him now.