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Monday, June 30, 2008

Mounting the Radar Eye to the dome

I don't care if I measure something a thousand times because it's a sure bet that something is still going to be off. It's my weakness and can be rather discouraging at times.

Yesterday I made a clear template of my radar eye out of clear transparent inkjet film that can be used in making transparencies. It looked very good after I cut it out, marked the holes and taped it to the radar eye. My plan was to position it on the dome and then tape the transparency on the dome and mark the places to drill.

The plan started getting a little suspicious when I realized how rounded the dome and radar eye were. This wasn't a flat template. But after a couple hours of screwing around, I finally got to that point where I just wanted to get it done. I figured that there was plenty of room to oversize the holes to position the radar eye if there were problems.

It was pretty close but of course I had to make a few adjustments. Now I'll cut a large hole in the dome that will give me access to the eye lens in the dome.

While working with the dome, I noticed a couple of the panels I glued on (last month) with the goop were loose. That goop is really not worth a darn. Someone mentioned using clear silicone adhesive so maybe I'll try that for the remaining panels. I do want them accessible if I need to remove them for refinishing or whatnot so that's why I don't use permanent epoxy or JB Weld.

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