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Monday, July 7, 2008

Preparing the skins

I didn't do as much building as I hoped during the long weekend as it was good sailing wind. But I did do a bit of work on the rear skins and came up with a few good ideas on how I'm going to mount screws inside the dome for mounting the holo's and other electronics.

One setback came as I was clamping the large rear external panel skin with pretty fast drying silicone. My wife came out and started telling me some things and I was trying to listen to her while working. Well I didn't notice the part moved and by the time I realized it, the piece was glued on crooked. I really doubt anyone other than another R2 builder will notice so I'm not going to sweat it.

It's now official and we will be hosting a group of R2 Builders over our place on Sunday July 27th. It's always fun talking to other builders. Keith and Carolyn were drafted to give a demonstration and information on Robart hinges.


Mike D. said...

I've used Robart hinges on a few scale R/C airplane projects, for the gear doors. The key is keeping the pivot pin in the same relative plane as the other hinges.

It's more difficult with the offset arm style I used for gear doors, with the straight hinges, it's just a matter of moving the hinged panel which aligns the hinges while the glue is wet; flight surfaces are a good example.

With the offset ones however, that becomes more tricky but accomplishes the same thing. Either way, you want to end up with perfectly aligned hinges so the panels operate smoothly.

On one project, I removed the hinge pins and remounted everthing using the same diameter piano wire, that way the hinges lined up nicely. I then bent the ends of the wire to form a torsion spring to keep the gear door closed, and used a dedicated servo to open it cam-style.

Jim Quinlan said...

Mike, you need to fly to Clearwater on the 27th ! Thanks for the tips.