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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to building again

After being gone for almost 4 weeks on an extended vacation it's good to be home again. And good to be back on the R2 project. A few parts came in the mail while I was gone and last night I started experimenting with the new skin snaps that fit the JAG frame I own. The difficult part of these snaps is measuring and drilling the holes in the skins.

Last night I fabricated a piece that will hopefully help line up and drill holes in the skins. I drilled one of the top skin holes and it seemed a hair off but not too bad. The middle set and bottom sets will need more thought before drilling.

I also received a sweet set of C3PO arm pistons from Jerry C. They will look nice on C3PO when I get enough time to install them. That's one area of my C3PO that's currently not so hot.

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