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Monday, May 26, 2008

More dome

Finished mounting the dome to the plastic ring and then glued the blue bottom ring. Tried to paint the remaining panels in the dome blue so I could have those done before vacation. Unfortunately I ran out of paint and realized that I completely underestimated the amount of blue paint I would need. So I need to order some more.

After the paint dried, I glued in a few of the panels that had enough paint to coat them. Just so the dome will start looking like a droid's dome.

Well, the long weekend is over and there will be no more updates or building until the very end of June or early July.


Mike D. said...

That looks great Jim! It's always nice to knock out the undesirable part of a project, that way you won't be dreading the cutting while on vacation.

I've got the same Dremel disc you describe, the new quick release is great.

FloridaRobot (Jim) said...

Thanks Mike. Yeah, I'm going to miss tinkering with R2 while I'm gone.