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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The fusing of the domes

I knew this would be a messy job and wasn't looking forward to it. So knowing that glue would be going everywhere, I used goop because it's easy to remove and slower drying. I smeared as much as I could on the inside of the outer dome and carefully slid that over the inner dome. Then to make absolutely sure that everything lined up, I inserted the hp's and logics.

Then every clamp I had was employed to clamp the two domes together. For some reason the lower areas on the domes didn't join together very well and there's gaps between the two domes in places. The upper part was just fine. But I doubt the dome will break apart anytime and it's probably strong enough.

So now I'm embarked on the task of slowly removing excess goop with a dental pick, toothpicks and rubbing it off with my fingers. After checking it several times, all the holes and pieces line up nice.

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