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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The dome finish and steel wool

A few preliminary tasks needed to be done before fusing the outer and inner dome. One of the first things you do when you get a dome is cut the panels out and label the panels and the inside of the outer dome with the corresponding number. So when you fuse the domes together, you lose the numbers unless you mark the outside of the inner dome with the panel numbers. Then after the two domes are fused, you just glue the panels over the numbers on the inner dome.

Another thing that had to be done was the final finish needed to be obtained on the outer dome. There was still some remnants of the spider crap (hard black dots) as well as numerous scratches on the outer dome. Steel wool was primarily used but finally I gave in and used some wet/dry 320 sandpaper to remove the scratches. The only thing was after I rinsed and dried it, the scratch marks from the sandpaper looked horrible. But lots of sanding with steel wool took care of that and after several hours, the dome finish was just about what I was looking for. One where you can see the machined spin lines still but with a little bit of a shine (and no scratches). The real shiny chrome look domes look interesting but that's not going to be on my droid. Even after steel wool-ing and washing with soap and water, fine scratch marks can be seen if you look closely but hopefully the dome will oxidize over time and that won't be as noticeable.

Steel wool works great on a dome's finish.

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