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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Venting ...

So I take it you were expecting a rant or something from the title of this entry. No such luck. Today's topic is venting but more like Center Venting. R2D2's Center Vents (the vents in the middle of his "chest").

I picked up a vent kit from another builder about a month ago and spent a lot of time working on them. They needed a lot ... and I mean a lot .... of filing and sanding to get them into the correct shape to fit into the outer aluminum cases. Pardon the terminology ... I still don't know what to call those outer things.

These vents (I'm told by an experienced R2'er) are often the object of children's curious fingers and will be poked and prodded. So they need to be securely put together ... or as secure as possible. Some guys are using metal tape, hot glue and other ways of putting them together. And I understand because they are difficult to hold and glue so the tape makes sense in that respect. But I was able to get some epoxy on them and maybe later I'll lay on a layer of hot glue to build up a protective cushion around the backside of the vents so they don't get poked out by curious children or gorgeous ladies trying to grab the attention of handsome robot builders.

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