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Friday, April 18, 2008

R2D2 Droid hauler

Harbor Freight is a great tool store where I can frequently be seen wandering the aisles. They have everything, usually at reasonable prices and decent quality.

Something I've been thinking about for awhile is to come up with a way to get robots into and out of a pickup truck without killing myself. These robots can be very heavy and R2 will be around 300 pounds. As I plan on taking R2 out more than the other robots, it's been on my mind to come up with a technique for moving him. I considered the wheelchair lifts but they can get pricey. I've browsed the harbor freight catalogs and their online store in the past to see if they had something that would work. But the catalog that came this week had a perfect solution. Their 12 volt winch powered hitch lift made for pickup trucks. It's $199.00 and a 15% off coupon brought the price down to $170.00 which isn't too bad. Here's the link to the item in case anyone is interested. I'll build a crate for R2 that he can ride in to keep him out of the weather.

In other workshop news, last couple months my new workshop assistant has been all to frequently been putting the hustle on me for peanuts. I can't resist as I am a sucker for a furry face.

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