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Friday, April 25, 2008

Droid elves in the night?

Anyone who saw my pile of parts yesterday and then witnessed the shiny new droid in the garage would think that there were a bunch of droid elves busy throughout the night.

Not quite the case ... it's just that I have this terrible cold and when I woke up, I decided to call in to work so I could sleep a little later. When I woke up, I felt a little better and felt like going out to the garage to "look" at the new frame parts. And one thing led to another and then to another and before I knew it there was a beautiful little R2 unit sitting on the bench.

Jerry's JAG frame instructions were great and this is coming from a guy who hates reading instructions. He even marked (so people don't screw up the rings) where to correctly countersink the holes for screws. Because if you countersunk them on the wrong side then there wouldn't be enough material to do it on the correct side.

I took my time and even decided to sand the frame with my portable palm sander before assembly. Jerry recommends using 100 grit and then 150 grit but I just did mine at 100 and let it go at that. Looks shiny and clean and I don't plan on entering it in a beauty contest so good enough. The hardest part was playing with the legs and getting the correct angles on both sides. I think I got it right. Daniel D.'s large data port doesn't seem to fit right on the frame so I'm probably going to have to make some modifications there.

When I was done and I stepped back to admire the days work, I have to say it's beautiful. This is where I transition from parts collecting to putting it all together.


Mike D. said...

Very impressive! I can't wait to watch it progress to the end; meanwhile my B9 parts gather dust :-)

Charlie said...

Your droid is looking great. I will hopefully have my frame anddome shortly there I can graduate to "Builder" Status

FloridaRobot (Jim) said...

Let's get cracking guys. No more excuses ... build build build