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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Legs, center ankle and nothing lining up

I modified the JAG battery plate/center ankle mount today to work with the custom ankle mount I created about a year ago. My design allows you to remove the center ankle/foot with one pin. I wasn't sure it would work with the JAG frame until I built the frame yesterday. I'll need to build a new aluminum frame mount but it will work. I'll take some pictures when it's finished. By removing the JAG ankle mount, I was able to lower the battery about 1/2" which brings the cg down just a tad. Every bit helps. My battery fits on the mount perfect.

Many things aren't lining up today so I find myself going to plan "B" a lot. Ryan's legs do not even come close to matching Daniel's booster covers. I'll need to drill new keyholes in the legs. Also Daniel's data port only works with the jag frame in the center hole on the data port. Which is probably ok. I could even glue it on the sides as it's not a stress object. And I heard from a few guys that Daniel's frame skin blocks are a little tight with the JAG frame so there's going to be a run of new blocks designed by Jerry.

So being the chicken that I am, I will measure a thousand times and build templates to simulate the drilling into the legs so I don't ruin them. I never created a keyhole before so that ought to be interesting.

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