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Friday, March 21, 2008

They are alive !!!

I had good Friday off so it was off to the garage. I really got into working on these robots today and much was accomplished. The mouths came out fantastic and the eyes also look beautiful. The ladies lips are red and the male's are silver. It really sets her off and that little amount of red adds a lot to the feel of the project. The hat was completely redone and is now a metallic silver. It took the paint with no problems.

But the red letter moment came when I fired up the neck servos and did some experimenting with the passive IR sensors that came in the mail today. The sensors were tested and they worked great. But the servos and the head movement .... now that was wonderful. Both of the robots were moving their heads and looking around and at each other. It worked flawlessly and looked cool as heck.

The only problems were with a new power supply that I tried to use for the robotic controller. For some reason that power supply kept shutting down the controller. But using battery power worked just fine. Minor details.

So the only thing left are the lady robot boobs (which are on order) and the lady robot ears. After that and a lot of computer programming we'll be able to check another couple robots off as done. I'll post pictures and video when I finish the boobs (which will be stainless coasters from Target).

And then it's onto several other robot projects in my never ending quest to build up a powerful robot army to take over the world.

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