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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The fun stuff at last

Something that comes fairly easy to me is software programming. So when I went about designing a system to control the bus stop robots, it was a lot of fun. After being a professional programmer for over 23 years, it's been pretty boring lately. But programming the vex controller with various routines and functions to control the bus stop robots has been a blast. Especially when the end result is seeing the robots come alive.

The only thing that was changed in the initial plan is to have the sensor aimed at the front door instead of toward the beginning of the walkway. The reason for this is I don't want the squirrels and vegetation movement to be constantly triggering the robots. So instead the sensors will be aimed at the front door. When someone comes to the door or when someone comes out of the house, the robots will activate.

In other breaking robot news, we took a quick trip to Orlando to pick up a bunch of really premium R2 parts from R2 guru Daniel D. The east coast Godfather of R2 builders. Some really nice parts were acquired and a few more will soon be on their way. His garage is full of cool robot and star wars items including a life size exact replica of the star wars land speeder (in the very first star wars movie). The land speeder drives and looks like it's floating. Too cool for words.

These Bus Stop Robots will finally be completed this week.

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