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Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patricks day

This was more a weekend of catching up with stuff around the house than robot building but I did get the male robot buttons mounted to the chest. Nice looking stainless buttons that were screwed into the torso. Now I want to find similar discs for the female chest made out of stainless so I'm on a quest to find some stainless coasters. I found some on EBAY but today will search locally for a set. Also did a lot of work on creating eyes and have experimented with many different variations.

But the big news was the dramatic change in the robot building workshop. This weekend I removed the old side door on the garage .... one that had dozens of window slats that you can roll open or closed (jealousy windows). It was replaced with an insulated door with a large hurricane proof indestructable window. And what a difference it makes. In the late afternoon, it's like a blast furnace on that side of my house. And that heat was transferd directly into the garage from the old door. This new door is so well insulated, the garage now is dramatically cooler in the hot afternoon sun. It's going to make building much more pleasant.

Our late son Paul put this hat on our cat every St. Patricks day. So in memory of Paul we're carrying on his tradition.

Irish cat

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