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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just two faceless robots waiting for a bus

I can't believe these two are almost ready to sit on the porch. Now I get to do the fun stuff .... programming the robotic controller and adding the face and head details for the robots. Ears should be pretty easy but I have about a dozen ideas for eyes and plan on taking my time in that area because it's so important. I'll use goop to attach the details to the head because it's easy to change your mind with goop.

I don't think the red works for the bus stop pole so that will probably be repainted. Oh and I got a good deal on an old fashioned men's hat on EBAY this week so there should be a hat resting on the male robot's knee very soon. And of course, the female boob-ettes and male buttons on the chest still need fabrication. Other than that, it's full speed ahead.

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Mike D. said...

Those look great! I agree with you the red bus stop upright has to change, the one on the cover art is black. Maybe matching that color, or tying it in with the post-apolocyptic theme of the original artwork somehow?

I also like the saucer hovering in the background, I'm guessing that's the transportation the robots are waiting for? The sign could be modified to include the name of an intersteller transport company!