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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Passionate builders

Last night Charlie G. and Greg from the B9 club stopped by after flying into Orlando from out west. They certainly picked the worst time of the year, the worst time of the day and the worst weather we've had in a long time to make their way from Orlando. Despite hours of driving in torrential rain and wind with traffic accidents everywhere they finally made it safe and sound.

It's nice talking with other insane people who have the same crazy ideas and have patient wives who put up with it all. We were talking about it a little yesterday and the word is passionate. People who are passionate about what they do ... also translated means FUN. There's a lot of people who start robot projects but their reasons and motivation get in the way of the build and after a period of time they abandon their projects. Of course certain things tend do get in the way (finances, relationships, jobs etc.) of the robot projects. But it was nice to discuss build techniques and robots in general. And I'm sure there's a few people out there in blogland that are shaking their heads right about now but that's what makes the world go round.

Before they came over, I opened a bunch of boxes I've had for months with R2 parts I had ordered. So it kind of kicked off the R2 build I guess. Charlie is also ready to start his R2 when he also gets his aluminum frame and Greg is just starting to get interested in an R2 project.

In Bus Stop robot news .... Today I covered the sides of the heads with styrene. The faces came out good. Charlie gave me a tip how to anchor the bracket on a little better with special wide drywall anchors which work with styrafoam. Notice the picture below of the hands. I used hot glue and after it dries, a dremmel with round stone attachment. It somewhat simulates welds on the hands and it's very easy to use.

Below - Greg, Charlie and myself


Brian Clarke said...

Hey Jim,
The Bus Stop Robots are really coming along. What a great idea!
Hey, robot people never come visit me, I'm jealous. Well, one guy does, but usually runs off after about an hour. Maybe it's the ever present Ligetti that's always playing at our house? It just goes soooo well. What can you do?
Take care
Brian C.

Mike said...

The Bus Stop Robots are looking great, what did you use on the flexible fingers to color them, dye or paint?

Those simulated welds look excellent too, looks like a good technique for my B9 project!

FloridaRobot (Jim) said...

Brian, someday when I come into my fortune, I will travel out to California to visit you and your robotic friends. And of course to visit the creature who everyone around my home misses very much. Even though the robotic chimp will probably freak me out.

Mike, you caught me ! I should have used dye on the fingers but I cut corners and painted them instead. So when they are moved the paint cracks sometimes.

Thanks for the comments guys