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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hands and fingers done

Last night I made a concentrated effort to finish the arms, hands and fingers of the BSR's. While painting the hands, I decided to dedicated this blog entry to Brad Carpenter who was my spray painting (with hammered silver) mentor. There is definately a trick to using hammered and last night as I was laying it on thick (but not too thick) to get the smooth hammered look I thought about Brad.

Brad also built a B9 and has a lot of cool robot / scifi projects ongoing. But the ultimate will be his life size borg standing in one of those rejuvenation units (can't remember the term ... alcove?) I just wish he would have picked seven of nine instead of using Picard but that will still look very cool.

Last night I also finished fabricating the mechanism that will attach the heads to the motors. Now all I have to do is finish the heads and add the robo-boobs to the female robot. Then some final paint and program the servos and sensors. Getting close on those BSR's ... it looks like bad weather this weekend so maybe it there will be a lot of robot building.

Oh and several robot celebrities are stopping over tomorrow. Charlie and Greg from the B9 club are going to stop by Friday before heading over to Orlando and MegaCon. Geez ... now I need to clean up this mess of a garage and dust off the robots !

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