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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just about done

So many loose ends were tied up and completed this weekend. The robots are almost done. For sure they will be done this month. The Legs had a lot of detail work done to them, heads were finished with styrene and laminated on all sides. They also were sanded and any cracks were filled. The weight of these heads are 17/20 oz as opposed to the old wood heads that weighed in at 46 oz. Even with these lighter heads, the shaft needed extra support so I mounted brackets and several axle holders to support the head shafts. And on the brackets necks were installed. Everything just came together today.

I bought a yellow vintage bus stop sign (a little different than the original artwork) from EBAY and the stand is just about finished. The sign's base is from a fan we had that broke last year. It was my wife's idea to use this for the sign last year so I can't take the credit.

The epoxy that held the gear onto the base of the heads didn't hold much to my surprise. It broke off and was slightly sticky underneath despite the fact the top of the epoxy was hard as a rock. Someone suggested that maybe I didn't mix the epoxy enough. Also I think I should have roughed up the surfaces a little to give the glue something to hold. So I made two new gear covers and used a plastic welder to fuse them together. I also drizzled epoxy on all contact points between the gear and connector. They are now permanently fused !

Busy day ... no time for pictures. They both look cool with their heads on.

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