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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hands and elbows

80 degrees and wind made nice sailing weather but I was still able to get in some progress toward the Bus Stop Robots. Dozens of ideas were considered how to make hands with fingers. Since we're using Easter Eggs, I bought the large eggs and used those for the base of the hands. Then I bought a few packages of Kwik Twists which were what were used for Bender's fingers inside the glove. Lightweight, pose able and easy to work with. Elbows were glued, painted and hung out to dry. They look great.

I was hoping to work more with the heads but when I get all four hands complete I'll move onto the heads. In all fairness, I have to say this project is time consuming because I'm actually building two lifesize robots. And they take twice as much time as one.

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