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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Robots and the Easter Bunny

So what does the Easter Bunny and the bus stop robots have in common? Easter eggs of course ... just look at the new robot elbows and hands.

In another burst of creative inspiration, I got some of those plastic easter eggs and cut them on the band saw to fit over the joints of the bus stop robot arms. They also will make good wrists or the basis of hands if I can find some good fingers. These bots are getting finished or else !

And yesterday I got that epoxy resin that Mike mentioned and I painted a coat on after thickening it up with the microballoons. That stuff seems to work excellent. I'm not sure how many coats I'll need or how it's going to sand but I think it's a winner. Much better than that plaster stuff I was putting over the styrofoam.

I got a couple more R2 parts and am really starting to get pumped about hitting the R2 project hard around mid March when my frame gets shipped. Once I have that, then R2D2 will be up and running around our house in no time. C3PO will be very glad.

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Mike said...

One tip on making even holes in hollow round objects that has worked well for me is to use a belt sander instead of a saw.

It will give you more control over the size and location of the hole than a saw.

Regarding the resin, you might find it useful to make up a small set of samples (maybe three) with varying concentrations of microballoons. Once cured, you can test the sandability of each one to see what works best for the material you're overlaying.

When I was heavily into building large scale R/C jets, I'd vary the consistancy depending on the location- wing root interfaces would run heavier on resin when something like a fairing on a nacelle would be mostly microballoons.