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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bus Stop robot arms

At the pace I've been going lately, today is a banner day for Bus Stop robot building. I was able to attach the arms decently where I can unbolt them easily if I need to work on the robot or for transport. Over the past couple months, I've considered all sorts of ways to attach the arms but kept running into dead ends because of the way I designed that area.

But FINALLY on Saturday I was blessed with bad weather and storms so I opted to stay in the garage instead of going out on the Sailboat/Kayak. And that's when the brainstorm hit ! I also came up with an idea to make the robot a little more realistic by beefing up the upper arms by sliding an extra piece of pvc over the arm up to the elbow joint. Looks less like pvc and more like an arm. And down by the feet, I added a few extra pieces of wide pvc to give the "Shoes" a little different look (to look less like a plunger).

There's still a lot of things to work out (hands for one) and I'm still hoping the heads turn out ok. But it's some progress. I need to get these complete to make way for R2 very soon.

Also this weekend my friend and I finished joining her 4 poplar pieces of wood and cut out a custom desk top. I have to say using the biscuit joiner went very smooth. After sanding it down, it looked beautiful. She was very proud of the work we did and we both learned a lot. The project was a success. It's nice making stuff.

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