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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why it pays to blog

Working with foam is completely new to me. I started working with it kind of blindly figuring that I would learn as I go. And so far, I found it has been a good way to fabricate/sculpt objects inexpensively. The challenge so far has been to lay on a hard sandable coating over the foam.

My last blog entry mentioned that I melted the foam using some simple marine gelcoat I purchased at the local marine store. I thought I had sealed the foam good enough but it still was able to affect the underlying foam and melt it.

So this morning I found in my comments section some excellent tips from Mike about using epoxy resin and microballoons to thicken it. Mike btw has previously offered other helpful hints in the comment section. So armed with this latest tip and google, I opened up a whole bunch of doors to sculpting with styrofoam and coatings. I found a pretty good small company that you can ask questions ( and then ordered some epoxy and microballoons (which they call something else). I sometimes prefer dealing with smaller companies.

So next week I'll re-address coating the bus stop robot heads with resin.

Thanks Mike !


Mike said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Inspired in part by your site, I decided to take the plunge and build a B-9 myself. I just sent my membership to the club yesterday.

Mike D.

FloridaRobot (Jim) said...

That's great news Mike !!! It's a decision you won't regret. The B9 club is a great group of experienced and helpful builders.

Get your blog ready .... and do it for yourself. I enjoy going back in time and chuckling at my early robot building mistakes and "special moments" that are documented on my blog.