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Friday, October 19, 2007

An unusual Scarecrow

Well, after much thought, I finally came to the conclusion I cannot have a birdfeeder in our courtyard with our shark. The birds do not like the shark ... it acts kind of like a scarecrow.

At first I thought the birdfeeder was too close to the house so I moved it's location. But it was the same distance to the shark. I saw birds eyeing it but after landing on the feeder once or twice, they left and didn't return. So then I thought it was bad food so I went out and bought premium sunflower seeds and saflower. Cardinals and blue jays love that. Still no luck. They would not visit. So my next attempt involved getting a brand new birdfeeder. I thought that maybe they didn't like the design of the feeder. So I bought a really nice wood birdfeeder and thought for sure we'd get birds. After that failed, I came to the conclusion that the shark freaks these birds out. Crazy eh? Maybe I could get rich marketing this concept to farmers. Instead of scarecrows, they could plant a bunch of sharks in the ground around their cornfields.

At least our little squirrel (named Ernie by my wife) isn't afraid of the shark. Ernie occasionally hangs out in the sharks mouth. Looks really funny too.

In other breaking news, I was sent an article on MSNBC entitled "The Future of Business" listing the top 10 jobs of the future in 2012. Guess what's #10 ? .... That's right ... Robot builder, wrangler . So it looks like I"m sitting pretty if I find myself needing a job in 2012. Here's the link

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