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Friday, October 12, 2007

Robots just wanna have fun

(sung to the tune of Madonna's Girls just wanna have fun)

Not much robot building has been happening lately. Too many other things around here taking up our time. Sailing has been more fun than I ever dreamed and that seems to be taking up most of my spare time on the weekends. Actually the term we're using is SailYakking. The Kayak/Sailboat is big enough to take a passenger so Yvonne has been able to ride with me. And that brings up another problem ....

The robots want to go too. The Battle Droid is constantly climbing up into the Kayak rarin to go on the weekends. Battle Droids are easy to intimidate so removing him from the kayak is fairly easy but how do you safely explain to a 700 pound sensitive and slightly neurotic robot (B9 and Robby) that there's just not enough room?

On another note. You can see Jeff's new jeep in the background. It's in excellent condition. We traded the robot trailer for it and are shipping it to him in the Virgin Islands next week. Perfect for the jungle mountanous winding roads he travels. I can't believe the great deal we got on it.

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