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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hot Foam Cutter

The Bus Stop Robot heads are pretty darned heavy so I'm concerned they will be too much for the motors. Someone mentioned foam heads so I've been thinking a little along those lines. Plus I eventually want to create a large foam body for the Rosey the Robot prototype that's propped up in the corner of the robot room.

So ... to work with foam you need tools. But in line with my new resolution of being frugal, I can't see spending $200.00 for foam cutting tools when you can make one for 25.00. Plus the ones you can make will handle giant cuts as opposed to the little sissy tools you get from hobby shops. There's a great tutorial online how to make your own foam cutter.
I will start on that when I get the required vintage train transformer. It's worth trying and seems like a fun project.

But I still may use the wood heads if I can find an appropriate bearing/shaft ... like the fork a bike's handlebars goes into.

Yvonne and I went out to dinner with Paul's girlfriend and her mother last night and then went to their house. It was nice being with them and talking about Paul. Losing Paul is the hardest thing to go through's a crushing sadness that washes over us every day multiple times ... hard to describe. But I do feel Paul's presence and believe he's hanging with me while I work on these projects. It's good to have a helper.

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