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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bus Stop Bench and recycled "R2 Dome"

I've been wanting to put up bird feeders again in the courtyard so I took a anti-squirrel dome which was originally intended to be an R2 Dome and turned it back into the anti-squirrel dome to keep the squirrels off the bird feeder. It also freed up some space in the garage as it's pretty big and bulky.

On the Bus Stop robot front, I painted the bench I made with Rustoleum Hammered copper. I always love using hammered paint but this was the first time I tried using the brush on hammered. I have to say I like that even better than the spray can. Highly recommended and more economical than the spray can. The copper color on the bench I built a few weeks ago looks great. Things are starting to come together.

The torsos got a final sanding and I believe they're ready for some paint today. It's been pretty humid so I may hold off a day or so but we'll see. I also finished sanded the hips which were made from pieces of large PVC pipe, MDF wood and a coat of styrene over the ends. 1" pvc 90 degree coupler will protrude from this with an electrical "nut" to hold it in place.

I should have headless robots sitting on a bench within the week.

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