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Thursday, September 6, 2007

A different kind of garden gnome

This is a project I've been considering and playing with over the past year. I wasn't sure I wanted to put it on our lawn but reason finally won out and I thought ... why not?

It's a life size great white shark in the courtyard area of our front lawn. Kind of hidden from the neighbors. An interesting sight to welcome visitors on the walk to the front door. He's actually only about 10 feet from where the bus stop robots will be camped out waiting for the bus.

Click here for background music

1 comment:

Brian Clarke said...

Way to go Jim! I love the shark! I tell ya, all you need is a bloodstained butchers apron, a chainsaw, a little Ligetti playing in the background . . . You'll be living the dream, Babe! Love the Bus Stop Robots too. Way cool dude! Have you thought of maybe a "Marilyn" robot? You know, blonde wig, skirt blowing up . . . you know "Bus Stop"? Just a thought.
Brian Clarke