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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Honey I shrunk the workshop !

One of the toughest challenges I struggle with is to keep my workshop in such a state that there's actually room enough to build. It's probably a problem many builders have. A friend of mine who is an incredible builder has been without a workshop for about 2 years now. He manages to build things in an incredibly small area thanks to stuff piling up in his workshop area. It drives him nuts but with a growing family he makes the best with what he has.

And now that's where I find myself after purchasing this cool new sailboat/kayak boat. The boat is being stored in my shrinking workshop area where space is at a premium.

The sailboat/kayak is state of the art technology that can sail in the Gulf of Mexico or paddle (with pedals or paddles) in incredibly tight inland areas. Great for fishing ... can't get any better for fishing.

Today I sailed the entire north end of Tampa Bay and just beat a bit of tropical weather that put a damper on the day. So not only is this new boat going to take up a lot of room in my workshop, it's going to also take up a lot of my spare time. So robot building will continue but at a slower pace.

Oh and if you were wondering why the creature was sold ... it was to raise money to purchase the boat and make more room in this cluttered robot room. I'll probably sell off some more stuff in the next week or so. Anyone need a budget R2 PVC frame or a fiberglass R2 Dome?

The picture was taken by my wife on my maiden voyage. Never sailed before so it was "exciting" until I figured things out.

Here's a video of the Hobie promo for this kayak/sailboat if you're interested

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Eaglekeeper said...

Well Jim ,now that you have entered into the BOAT world ,,the robot stuff is going to suffer ! Take it from a me. I had to put the bus stop robots on back burner because I can't find JOINTS! So enter a 1/2 scale TOBOR. Well that has to wait until the Feathercraft is done !!!!!!!!!!! Boats ! Boat stands for [Bring over another thousand]!