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Monday, September 24, 2007

Lazy headless robots

Today the bus stop robots were finally assembled in temporary form but sitting on their new bench. The legs and arms are temporary and need finishing. And of course the heads are still languishing while I try to figure out how to get them looking correct. But one step at a time.

After I get the legs and arms sized proportionally, I'll cut full size pieces and apply heat to the bend areas so I won't need PVC couplings. Then I'll try to come up with some creative joint ideas to make robot knees and elbows. I have about 3-4 different ideas how I'm going to do that so we'll see what develops there. Also need to figure out how to make robot hands for these two. And we can't forget the girl robot will need a set of robot mini-boobettes. Sorry folks, I'm just building them according to the picture.

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Calvin Thomas said...

Can you and your wife make it to the R2 meeting?