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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bye bye Creature

We decided to put our 7 foot sea creature up for adoption the other day and in no time we found a new loving family for the little guy. Our robot room is only so big and since the creature wasn't a robot he was the logical choice first one of who should find a new home. I'll be able to squeeze a robot into his place and use some of the $$ towards paying some bills .... translation - make the wife happy.

The creature will be right at home in his new digs. They promised to take him for a ride in their new Delorean and he will have a B9 and Robby to play cards with as well as a cool animatronic life size chimp. Of course we expect to retain full visitation rights next time we get out to California. Oh and I just received an email from the new parents who wrote " We promise that we won't let him go too California either. No blond highlights for sure or tie-dye."

Too bad I never got around to taking him to the Everglades to surprise a few tourists.

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