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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How to survive a robot uprising

Tips on defending yourself against the coming rebellion. Ok folks, let's face it. Someday these robots are going to be running things and we could be in trouble if we let ourselves get complacent.

How to survive a robot uprising is the title of a really cool book that is written by Daniel H. Wilson. It recently arrived in my mailbox and I haven't been able to put it down. It's packed with all sorts of helpful tips and can be appreciated by simple people who know little to nothing about robots or the book can even benefit the true robot experts that roam this planet.

One chapter I found helpful was entitled "Hot to spot a hostile Robot". It starts out with:
- Be aware of your surroundings - Are you in a robot neighborhood after dark? Always travel with other humans and keep an escape route in mind. (great advice)

And another section says: Be wary of Malfunctions. Whether it intends to or not, a broken robot can be as dangerous as a stick of dynamite. Watch the robot for sparks, melted plastic, or body wracking convulsions. (this happens often in my garage)

The book is chock full of good examples and information. You never know when this information will come in handy .... it could save your life.

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Calvin Thomas said...

Hey Jim,
Have you any specs on building a Bender. My daughter wants to build one.

Jim Quinlan said...

Unfortunately I don't have any specs for Bender unless you want me to measure him. I took a little Bender statue and used that to keep mine in proportion. But I made mine the size of the things I had on hand. The Christmas tree stand (collar) and popcorn bowl (top of head) were the primary factors that drove what size my Bender was. I then worked around those two things and scaled him best I could to the little statue. Mostly eyeballed everything but that's the way I work. Is your daughter going to have a Bender building blog? I would like to follow her progress.

Stan said...

Hi Jim, Calvin
Not to step on any toes, but saw the question and thught I would chip in.
There are instructions in season 4 of the Futurama DVD collection on how to draw the characters including Bender. The size of Bender is based on the eyeball.
The head to the tip of the antenna for example is 5.5 eyeballs tall, and everyone is proportional to Fry. You should be able to scale everything from this. (It's the method I'm using I'm also building a Bender... but really slowly follow the Bender thread)

Jim Quinlan said...

Nice job Stan. I hadn't checked your blog in awhile. Bender is coming along slow but sure. That's a good tip about the Bender dimensions.