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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Preparing to skin a robot

Today I added extra body spars in the armpit areas of the robots to give the styrene reinforcement in those areas. I'm taking my time and doing a good job so it's taking a little while. Countersinking all the screws, drilling holes for the screws so there's no cracked wood and just enjoying the build. Taking your time means there's more time to ponder the best way to put it together in a nice modular project that can be transported easily or taken apart if need be.

Earlier in the week, I mounted feet (new toilet plungers) and legs to the torsos and then attached them to a bench I built. So there were a couple of headless robots sitting on a bench in the garage ... goulish almost.

Hopefully I'll find some time tomorrow to do a little more work to the torsos and then attach robot skin (styrene). And after that gets a little silver paint things will start getting interesting.

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