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Sunday, August 19, 2007

A few wrinkles in the plans

The skin was cut and ready to attach. As I couldn't remember what I used to attach styrene to the B9 treadsection, I went to a website that I had bookmarked which had a form you fill out to tell you the best adhesive to use for the materials.

I plugged in plastic and wood and was told to use goop. Well, that turned out to be bad advice because the goop melted the styrene in a few places ... particularly where a screw was in the wood under the styrene. One spot looked very wrinkley and a couple others the plastic was soft and like melted glue. This was 8 hours later.

So I ripped the skin off and we went to the park to read instead. No big deal. I have more styrene and plenty of sandpaper to resmooth the torso. No hurry here.

On another note ... speaking of wrinkles in our plans .... our lives have completely changed. Every fiber of our existence has been affected by the passing of our son Paul last month. I also feel my values are different and life's direction may be slowly turning. The first thing I'll be doing is selling the creature and the great white shark. And then ????? who knows. A couple of the robots look nervous.

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